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photo by  _curious_eye_

photo by _curious_eye_


I love making art, particularly the art of cutting shapes directly from painted paper and assembling the cut pieces together: I've come to view the process that leads to each of my artworks as "composing lives," so to speak, made of paper, paint, cardboard and glue.

Art allows me to use my hands, my brain and my experiences in new and exciting ways. Art makes sense to me in the same way that living my everyday, mundane life makes sense: it's messy and non-linear; it's guesswork, intuition, experimenting, learning, subjective knowledge, serendipity; it's interacting with limitations and flaws, and learning from mistakes, and understanding that there are boundaries and constraints but always aspiring to more wisdom and a better self. Art contains life and life contains art, they are reciprocal and complementary and I've come to realize, absolutely essential and worthwhile.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

— Thomas Merton